Faculty Advisors

For Chemistry Majors

  • Undergraduate Program Director, Prof. Nathan Schnarr, 701 LGRT
  • Undergraduate Research Director, Prof. Nathan Schnarr, 701 LGRT
  • Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Prof. Ruthanne Paradise, 341D ISB
  • Undergraduate Program Manager, Brigette McKenna, 341G ISB
  • Departmental Honors Coordinator, Prof. Justin Fermann, 341B ISB
  • Undergraduate Internship Coordinator, Prof. Ruthanne Paradise, 341D ISB
  • Director of Analytical & Physical Laboratories, Prof. Ruthanne Paradise, 341D ISB
  • Director of Organic and Inorganic Laboratories, Prof. Christopher McDaniel, 241F ISB
  • Director of General Chemistry Laboratories, Prof. Thomas Whelan, 241E ISB

Unless otherwise noted, contact your advisor via email to arrange your advising appointment.

Prof. Justin FermannHonors Program Coordinator
341B ISB
Prof. Michael KnappUndergraduate Program Director
745C LGRT (Sabbatical Spring 2021)
Prof. Ruthanne Paradise Chief Undergraduate Advisor,
Undergraduate Internship Coordinator
341E ISB
Prof. Nathan Schnarr
Undergraduate Program Director (Spring 2021) and Undergraduate Research Director
701 LGRT
Prof. Lynmarie Thompson864 LGRT B (Not available Spring 2020)


  • Proposed Schedule of courses.
  • Checklist for either BS or BA curriculum including grades received and current courses checked off.

Questions about the curriculum for majors may be directed to the Undergraduate Program Director or any of the advisors listed above.