In the News

Gierash and Team Simulate a Protein-Folding Chaperone’s Functional Dance

Using a combination of computational and experimental techniques, a UMass Amherst research team led by molecular biologist Lila Gierasch has demystified the pathway of interdomain communication in a family of proteins known as Hsp70s – a top target of dozens of research laboratories trying to develop new anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics and treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Gierasch Talks About her Role as Editor-in-Chief of JBC

Lila Gierasch was interviewed on WebsEdgeHealth television about her roll as editor in chief of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, a communications outlet for health organizations.

Rotello's Nanoparticles Resurrect Antibacterial Drugs

Vincent Rotello's research using nanomaterials to deliver drugs to could be a way to help prevent bacterial resistance to antibiotic drugs.

Andrew Makes Wearable Devices a Reality

Trisha Andrew and colleagues outline in a recent publicaton how they have invented a way to apply breathable, pliable, metal-free electrodes to fabric and off-the-shelf clothing so it feels good to the touch and also transports enough electricity to power small electronics.

Al-Hariri Selected as 2017-18 TIDE Ambassador

Lara Al-Hariri was one of 12 faculty selected as 2017-18 TIDE Ambassadors.

Auerbach receives the 2017 CNS Outstanding Faculty Award

Scott Auerbach received the Outstanding Service/Outreach award at the CNS Outstanding Awards ceremony 2017.

Bib Yang receives Eli Lilly/WCC Travel Award

The Women Chemists Committee (WCC) of the American Chemical Society announced that Bib Yang (Chen group) is one of 10 recipients nationally of the Eli Lilly/WCC Travel Award.

Auerbach and Schnarr Awarded University Distinguished Teaching Award

Scott Auerbach and Nathan Schnarr have been awarded the UMass Amherst Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA), the campus' highest honor for teaching.

Voigtman's Book on Chemical Analysis has been Published

Ed Voigtman published a book entitled, Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis.

Ingalls Honored as One of the 21st Century Leaders

Bailey Ingalls, an undergraduate double major in chemistry and biochemistry and molecular biology, will be honored as one of the 21st Century Leaders at Commencement on Friday, May 12.

Stidham's Book on Thermodynamics has been Published

Howard Stidham published a book entitled, Statistical Thermodynamics for Beginners.

The Chemistry of Olive Oil

Zeynep Delen (PhD '07, Lahti group) co-authored a book The Chemical Story of Olive Oil: From Grove to Table.