Graduate Students

UMass Amherst Chemistry has a strong and interactive group of faculty and graduate students with research expertise and focus in materials and biological chemistry, providing an ideal foundation from which to pursue cutting-edge applications in addition to traditional divisions in chemistry such as Analytical, Biological, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry.

Materials Chemistry

As a department, we bring expertise in synthesis, fabrication, characterization and theory of novel materials, especially in nanomaterials, for applications in sensors, devices, catalysis and as biofunctional materials. Our department is well known for having developed an impressive array of synthetic approaches for bottom-up assembly of organic, inorganic and hybrid nano-materials. We are also well known for innovative ways to characterize nano-materials using both spectroscopy and theory.

Biological Chemistry

Our department is well known for applying biophysical/bioanalytical approaches to uncover fundamental mechanisms of protein structure, folding and function. We apply an arsenal of tools, including spectroscopies, crystallography, calorimetry, and protein engineering, to systems that range from fundamental models to proteins involved in disease states. We are also well known for developing molecules and nano-assemblies to mimic or control biomolecules and systems.

Graduate Program Overview

If you missed our webinar, or wish to review content from the event, please watch the video segments for additional program information.

Introduction to our Department by Associate Head, Prof. Jeanne Hardy
Introduction to our Graduate Program by Program Director, Prof. D. Venkataraman
Current Graduate Student, Catherine Tremblay
Current Graduate Student, Michael Lu Diaz
Overview of the Application Process by Admission Committee Chair, Prof. Vincent Rotello

Questions about applying or about the graduate program should be directed to Rebecca David

How to Apply

Information about applying for Fall 2022. (Info for Chemistry Applicants)

Fill out the online application at the Graduate School.

  • Application Deadline:  December 15  (Fall admission only)
  • The GRE exam is not required. It will not be used to assess applications. 
  • The Department requires a separate Research Interests Form to be filed with the graduate application.
  • Application Fee Waiver: to apply, email one paragraph stating your financial need, URM status, or academic achievement to Rebecca David