Gifts like yours help the department in many ways such as funding departmental seminars by outstanding scientists, assisting undergraduate research and helping new faculty establish their research programs. In addition to contributions ear-marked for a specific purpose, general support help make it possible for us to continue activities that enrich our educational and research programs.

The Chemistry Department is at a crucial time in its history. As we build the department of the 21st century, we face extraordinary needs. As state support for the department declines, we are increasingly dependent on the loyalty and generosity of friends and alumni to help us carry out our mission of world-class research and excellent teaching. Your contribution will help us in many important ways such as purchasing new equipment for our undergraduate teaching laboratories, supporting graduate student travel to conferences, funding fellowships to attract top graduate students to the department, funding awards for excellent undergraduate majors and bringing world class speakers to the department for seminars and colloquiums. Your tax-deductible contribution is greatly appreciated.

How to Donate

Follow these instructions to make sure your gift is targeted for teaching and research at UMass. To make a donation now, click this link: Development Office.

If you have any questions about making your gift, please email CNS Development at or call 866-450-UMASS.

Thank you for donating to UMass Chemistry!