Declaration of Minor in Chemistry

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The Chemistry Minor must be declared prior to graduation, and can be requested as soon as you are officially enrolled in your last chemistry course.

The Chemistry Minor requires a minimum of 15 credits of chemistry (CHEM) courses numbered 200 or higher, with grades of "C-" or better. The department does not have specific course recommendations, and instead encourages students to take chemistry courses on topics of personal interest, or topics that compliment their main area of study.

The only acceptable equivalents are Biochem 471 = Chem 471, Biochem 657 = Chem 657, and ChemEng 475 = Chem 475. The following DO NOT count towards a minor: 291A Sophomore Seminar, 388 Independent Research Project, 330 Junior Year Writing in Chemistry, 296, 396, or 496 Independent Research Study, or 499 Honors Thesis, or Journal Clubs.


The minor will be listed in your SPIRE academics student services center. Please allow a few days for processing. If the minor does not appear on SPIRE within 7-10 days, please contact