Buz Awarded a PPG Fellowship

Enes Buz photo

Enes Buz (Kittlestved Group) Awarded a PPG Fellowship Award for outstanding research in the area of materials chemistry. Research summary: Transition-metal doped metal oxide semiconductors, in particular Zn1-xMxO, have attracted tremendous interest as potential candidates not only for the semiconductor-compatible magnetic components for spintronic applications but also room-temperature magnetism. While ZnO is a diamagnetic semiconductor, introduction of magnetic dopants such as Fe imparts magnetism on ZnO. In the Kittilstved research group, I study on different methods to tune the oxidation state of Fe dopants in ZnO nanocrystals (NCs) in a controlled way which will allow us to control the properties of ZnO NCs in turn. With the support of the PPG fellowship, I will be furthering my studies to investigate and directly show the specific oxidation state of Fe in ZnO NCs by utilizing various dopant-specific spectroscopic techniques. This study will help us to shed light on the mechanism of magnetism in ZnO NCs and to develop materials of interest for magnetism-related applications.