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  • Sep

    Prof. Celia Schiffer

    UMass Worcester
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology
    “Deciphering and Avoiding Complex Mechanisms of Drug Resistance from HIV to SARS-CoV-2 Integrating: Structural Biology, MD and ML”
    11:30 am
  • Oct

    Peidong Wu

    "Development of biomolecule nanoparticle conjugates for targeted delivery of therapeutics"
    2:00 pm
    Dissertation Defense
  • Oct

    Prof. Olivier Julien

    University of Alberta
    Department of Biochemistry
    "The role of proteolysis in apoptosis and infectious diseases.”
    11:30 am
  • Oct

    Prof. Hao Yan

    Arizona State University
    Biodesign Institute
    “Designer Nucleic Acid Nanostructures for Programmable Self-assembly”
    11:30 am

Chemistry Receives Four CNS Outstanding Achievement Awards!

Each year, the College of Natural Sciences honors its faculty, staff, and student leaders who have made important contributions to their discipline, department, college, and university by presenting them with the Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Recipients are nominated by colleagues within the college and chosen by committees. The CNS Outstanding Achievement Awards recognize excellence and honor members within CNS who have made important contributions to their discipline, department, college and university.

We are thrilled to have four members of our chemistry community recognized for their outstanding efforts!

Outstanding Advisor: Ruthanne Paradise, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Chief Undergraduate Advisor

Outstanding Staff: Rebecca David

Outstanding Research: Jianhan Chen, Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Outstanding Service & Engagement: Lynmarie Thompson, Professor in Chemistry

Lynmarie Thompson, Rebecca David, Ruthanne Paradise, Jianhan Chen

Ethan French '23 Named a 2021 UMass Rising Researcher

Ethan French transferred to UMass Amherst in his sophomore year when all his classes were online and found a remote research position in a computational chemistry lab, a new area for him. He says he “fell more in love with chemistry as I was exposed to a part of it that I didn’t know existed.”

French works in the lab of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Zhou Lin, which focuses on the development and application of fragment-based quantum chemistry techniques. Lin praised French’s impressive progress. “He has a unique dual background in chemistry and programming, allowing him to appreciate problems in chemistry and to program theory into codes,” she says. “His projects push the frontier of quantum chemistry by accelerating existing approaches without compromising accuracy.” French’s current research involves the application of machine learning to chemistry. Most recently, he used machine learning to predict quantum mechanical properties of molecules. A time consuming process that he helped reduce from approximately 12 hours to about 90 seconds.

As a result of his work in Lin’s lab, French was the second author on a paper published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Lin expects that his ongoing work will result in at least two more publications.

“There is always more to know,” he says. “Research has also given me a chance to focus on an area of chemistry that I can now see as being a part of my career.”

Ethan French
Chemistry lab

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