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Upcoming Events

  • Dec

    Hamza Javaid

    "Tailoring Interfaces and Composition for Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells "
    Dissertation Defense
  • Dec

    Babgen Manookian

    "Molecular Vibrations and Shape-Selectivity: A Computational Model of Biofuel Precursors in Zeolites"
    1:00 pm
    Dissertation Defense
  • Dec

    Rigumula Wu

    "Multi-colored fluorogenic RNA sensors for the quantification and multiplexed imaging of small-molecule levels in living cells"
    9:30 am
    Dissertation Defense
  • Jan

    Ishankumar V Soni

    “Investigating Structures and Functions of Apoptotic Caspases”
    12:00 pm
    Dissertation Defense

Chemistry PhD Program

Information about applying for Fall 2022. (Info for Chemistry Applicants)

Fill out the online application at the Graduate School.

  • Application Deadline:  December 15  (Fall admission only)
  • The GRE exam is not required. It will not be used to assess applications. 
  • The Department requires a separate Research Interests Form to be filed with the graduate application.

Questions about the graduate program or application process should be directed to Rebecca David

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Chemistry lab

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