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Recent Group Highlights

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The group says, "Bon voyage!" to postdoctoral associate Supravat Karak and his wife. Supravat had a great three years at UMass, with multiple papers and setting a high standard for applied physics of device fabrication. Supravat was the first person in the group to focus on making electronic devices, and produced both squaraine-based (in collaboration with the Thai group, Andrea Della Pelle, and Paul Homnick) and fluorenylidenemalonoitrile molecule-based solar cells (in collaboration with Paul Homnick), both with very good power conversion efficiencies over 4%. Supravat is giving seminars in India, preliminary to joining Prof. Kunio Awaga's group at Nagoya University to continue his postdoctoral career advancement.






PML visited Waseda University in Tokyo for research and collaborative talks in February 2015, as part of his role participating in Waseda's Energy-Next Leading Graduate Program in Science and Engineering, in which Prof. Hiroyuki Nishide plays a major role. PML thanks Prof. Nishide and Waseda University for supporting the trip, and for the great opportunities to interact with the hard-working and enthusiastic graduate students in Tokyo.




Still pushing the boundaries of research. See the lights burning bright in the early evening at Goessmann 201, before the snows of January 2015 starting burying everything at UMass. Thank you.




Jon Tinkham defended his Ph.D. dissertation with a flourish in January 2015, and has gone west to a postdoctoral position at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. His parting note: "Thanks for all the fish!" (hopefully not prescient in this particular universe).