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Nucleic Acid - Protein Complexes
Nucleic Acids


Recently, a new browser-based alternative has arisen, inspired by Rasmol and by CHIME This software, Jmol, runs on a variety of platforms. It exists both as a stand-alone JAVA application and as a browser-based function. For the browser function, the viewer does not need to download anything to his/her computer - the software is automatically downloaded when you access a Jmol-enabled site (don't worry, it's safe). For those who have used earlier software, the command set is based on Rasmol/CHIME.

What is JmolShell?

Briefly, JmolShell is a package of files that allows one to put together a presentation of a protein or nucleic acid, using the Jmol applet. You can include a "story" with buttons that the reader can press, but the reader can also rotate the molecule and issue his or her own commands. Very minimal understanding of writing WEB pages or applet tags is needed. You do not need to know any JAVA to develop a presentation.

How do I get JmolShell?

You can download the latest version of JmolShell here, packaged in various formats. The contents of the Shell is platform-independent - works on Mac or PC.

What browsers work with JmolShell?

See the description of browser issues.