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Nano-scale science and technology involves the precise manipulation and control of matter at the nanometer length scale – much larger than individual atoms and molecules, but much smaller than even the most minute sample of visible matter. In this intermediate regime, a remarkable array of new biological, chemical and physical properties emerges. Researchers in our Deparment in the area nano-materials focus on developing and applying the toolkit of chemistry to generate and study functional nanostructures, including:

  • active nanoparticles
  • nano-structured macromolecules
  • nano-filters
  • nano-antennae / nano-magnets
  • nano-structured thin films

As a department, we bring expertise in synthesis, photophysics, fabrication and theory to bear on the creation of sensors, fuel cells, devices, catalysts and biofunctional materials.

Our department is well-known for having developed an impressive array of synthetic approaches for fabricating organic, inorganic and hybrid nano-materials. We are also well-known for innovative ways to characterize nano-materials using both spectroscopy and theory.