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The Fueling the Future Center for Chemical Innovation aims to discover and apply the chemical design principles needed for making innovative organic charge-conducting materials with tunable transport properties, particularly for renewable energy applications. In a broader sphere, the center educates students to provide a well-informed and highly trained workforce for future technologies, translates its discoveries to industry for market innovation and job creation, conducts public outreach activities to inform and fuel public interest in the chemical sciences, and strives for diverse participation in its many activities.

In the News
Hardy Lab
Professor Jeanne Hardy was featured on local PBS station WBGY's EcoExchange. Professor Hardy demonstrated how fuel cells work by using a water powered "car" and discussed how UMass Amherst is making advances in fuel cell technology. Click to watch the full episode.

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Nanoconfinement Improves Performance of Fuel Cell Membranes

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Chemists Innovate to Design Bio-inspired Material for Organic Solar Cell
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reu students
Summer CURE REU's Working to Change the World

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Sun Shines on UMass Energy Road Show

Bill Nye

What could be more fun than building your own solar cell with Bill Nye, the Science Guy?  This exciting learning experience for young scientists was the latest stop for the “Energy Road Show” of the Fueling the Future Center for Chemical Innovation based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  more...