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Howard Stidham published a book entitled, Statistical Thermodynamics for Beginners.

Zeynep Delen (PhD '07, Lahti group) co-authored a book The Chemical Story of Olive Oil: From Grove to Table. Royal Society of Chemistry / World Olive Press

Vince Rotello's group overcoming hurdles in CRISPR gene editing to improve treatment. UMass News

Trisha Andrew's research on using off-the-shelf textiles to create triboelectric nanogenerators is featured in C&E News.

Scott Auerbach will be giving the keynote address at the 2017 Mass. PKAL Winter Meeting on Jan. 11 at Worcester State. More...

Bret Jackson and his group made the cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters with their publication on the effects of lattice motion on dissociative chemisorption

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