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Dhandapani Venkataraman

Organic , Inorganic, Polymer and Materials Chemistry
Directed Assembly of Semiconductor Nanostructures, Molecular, Polymeric and Inorganic Semiconductor Synthesis, Chiroptical Properties of Helical Electroactive Molecules, Scaffolds for Proton Transport, Solar cells, Fuel Cells, Energy

BSc, 1989, University of Madras; MSc, 1991, Indian Institute of Technology; PhD, 1996, University of Illinois

1534 LGRT


Principal Research Interests

Interdisciplinary approach is taken to address some of the topical research problems in Chemistry. The research areas of current focus include catalysis, nanoscale segregated semiconductor morphologies in organic and hybrid photovoltaic cells, chiroptical properties of helical electroactive molecules, proton transport in rigid scaffolds, hydrogen production through photoelectrocatalysis. Visit our group’s website for further description of these projects.