Chen Lab

Vincent Rotello

Organic Chemistry
Biomedical and Materials Applications of Nanosystems

BS (Honors) 1985, Illinois Institute of Technology; M Phil, 1987; PhD, 1990, Yale University; NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1990, M.I.T.

379 LGRT Tower C


Principal Research Interests

A key issue in the use of nanomaterials is controlling the interfacial interactions of these complex systems. Our research program focuses on the tailoring of interfaces through the atomic-level control provided by organic synthesis. Using these tailored monolayers, we have developed particles for biological applications, including highly effective gene and drug delivery agents and sensors for the identification of pathogens. Concurrently, we are using nanoparticles as building blocks for the creation of new functional materials. In our research we couple synthetic capability with nanomaterials characterization and top-down fabrication techniques, providing access to materials an devices structured on all length scales. Underlying our efforts to create functional materials is an abiding curiosity of the fundamental nature of soft materials, including supramolecular assembly, collective and emergent behavior, surface science, and interfacial phenomena.