Farkas Lab

Events & Seminars
(*Denotes currently not taking new graduate students)

Lara Al Hariri

Lara Al Hariri*
Lecturer in Chemistry
Chemical Education

ISB 341H, 413-545-1484

Scott Auerbach

Scott Auerbach
Professor of Chemistry
Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering
Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Materials Science

222 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-545-1240

Mike Barnes

Michael Barnes
Professor of Chemistry
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Physical Chemistry, Single-Molecule Spectroscopy, Photophysics of Nanostructured Semiconductors

258 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-577-3121

Pat Bianconi

Patricia Bianconi*
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials; In-situ Polymerization Fabrication of Inorganic/Organic Composites; Inorganic Polymer Chemistry; Optical and Conductive Materials via Organometallic Routes

1417 LGRT Tower A, 413-545-3119

Jim Chambers

James Chambers
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Biological/Organic Chemistry, Studies of Native Proteins Using Covalent Tagging, Observation, and Perturbation

602 LGRT, 413-545-3864

Min Chen

Min Chen
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Biochemistry/Biophysics, Application of Proteins in Biotechnology; Functional Mechanism of Membrane Protein Pores, Channels and Transporters

865 LGRT B, 413-545-0683

Paul Dubin

Paul Dubin
Professor in Chemistry
Bioanalytical, Biophysical Chemistry

133 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-577-4167

Michelle Farkas

Michelle Farkas
Assistant Professor in Chemistry
Chemical Biology, Development and Application of Chemical Biology Methods for the Study of Cancer Progression and Metastasis

745C LGRT B, 413-545-4770

Justin Fermann

Justin Fermann*
Director, Chemistry Resource Center
Lecturer in Chemistry

Chemical Education & Theoretical Chemistry

341B ISB, 413-545-2054

Lila Gierasch

Lila Gierasch*
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biophysical Chemistry, Conformational Analysis of Peptides and Proteins by NMR, CD and Other Spectroscopic Methods, Biophysical Approaches to Protein Folding and Localization In Vivo

N331 LSL, 413-545-6094

Jeanne Hardy

Jeanne Hardy
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Identification and exploitation of allosteric sites; Biomedically important proteases; Structural biology; Drug design; Neurodegenerative Diseases

745A LGRT B, 413-545-3486; 720 LGRT A, 413-577-3395

Matthew Holden

Matthew Holden
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Cell membrane mimics, membrane transport studies, functional bionetworks

745D LGRT B, 413-545-2582; 720 LGRT A
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Bret Jackson

Bret Jackson
Professor of Chemistry
Theoretical Studies of Molecule-Surface Interactions, Time Dependent Reactive and Non-Reactive Scattering

141 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-545-2583

Igor Kaltashov

Igor Kaltashov
Professor of Chemistry
Novel Mass Spectrometry-Based Strategies to Study Biopolymer Architecture, Dynamics and Interaction; Controlled Disorder as a Universal Facilitator of Binding Processes; Small Ligand Transport and Delivery; Higher Order Structure and Dynamics of Biopharmaceutical Products

N369 Life Sciences Laboratory, 413-545-1460

Kevin Kittilstved

Kevin Kittilstved
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Multifunctional Inorganic Materials Chemistry

273 Goessmann, 413-545-6096

Mike Knapp

Michael Knapp
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Enzymology and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Enzymology and Electronic Structure of Non-heme Fe, Hydrogen Tunneling Effects in Biological C-H Activation, Biomimetic Nanocluster Self-Assembly

512 LGRT Tower A, 413-545-4001

Mike Maroney

Michael Maroney
Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical and Theoretical Investigations of Metal Sites in Metalloproteins and Synthetic Model Systems Directed at Furthering the Understanding of Structure/Function Relationships in Biological or Catalytic Systems Involving Transition Metals

N373 Life Sciences Laboratory, 413-545-4876

Craig Martin

Craig Martin
Professor of Chemistry and Department Head
Biochemistry, Enzymology of transcription; structure and function in enzyme-DNA interactions; kinetics and thermodynamics; nucleotide analogs, SELEX, fluorescence spectroscopy.

862 LGRT B, 413-545-3299
371D LGRT C, 413-545-2318 (Dept. Head office)

Chris McDaniel

Christopher McDaniel*
Lecturer in Chemistry
Chemical Education

ISB 241F, 413-545-8394

Hans Mentzen

Hans Mentzen II*
Lecturer in Chemistry
Chemical Education

ISB 341D, 413-545-8392

Ricardo Metz

Ricardo Metz
Professor of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Gas-Phase Ions

165 Goessmann, 413-545-6089

Ruthanne Paradise

Ruthanne Paradise*
Lecturer in Chemistry
Chemical Education

ISB 341E, 413-545-7202

Vincent Rotello

Vincent Rotello
University Distinguished Professor
Charles A. Goessman Professor of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry, Biomedical and Materials Applications of Nanosystems

379 LGRT Tower C, 413-545-2058

Nathan Schnarr

Nathan Schnarr*
Lecturer of Chemistry
Undergraduate Program Director
Chemical Education

613 LGRT, 413-545-2294

Howard Stidham

Howard Stidham*
Professor of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry, Vibrational Spectra and Spin Resonance Spectra; Molecular Spectra and Structure

168 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-545-0048

Sankaran Thayumanavan

S. "Thai" Thayumanavan
Professor of Chemistry
Organic and Polymer Chemistry, Polymer self-assembly, responsive materials and their use in diverse applications including therapeutic delivery, sensing, and diagnostics.

1540 LGRT Tower C, 413-545-1313

Lynmarie Thompson

Lynmarie Thompson
Professor of Chemistry
Biophysical Chemistry, Director of the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program (CBI); Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins Involved in Signaling or Bioenergetics, Including Receptors and Transporters; Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins Using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

864 LGRT B, 413-545-0827

Julian Tyson

Julian Tyson
Professor of Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry, Development of Analytical Methods to Provide Information About the Trace Inorganic and Organometallic Composition of Materials

132 Goessmann Laboratory, 413-545-0195

Richard Vachet

Richard Vachet
Professor of Chemistry
Bioanalytical Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Protein Folding, Metal-Protein Interactions, Gas-Phase Chemistry, Nanomaterials

N363 Life Sciences Laboratory, 413-545-2733


Dhandapani Venkataraman
Professor of Chemistry
Organic and Materials Chemistry, Mesoscale assemblies for Materials applications

1534 LGRT, 413-545-2028

Gabriela Weaver

Gabriela Weaver*
Professor of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry

241A Integrated Sciences Building, 413-545-1225


Thomas Whelan*
Lecturer in Chemistry
Chemical Education

241E Integrated Sciences Building, 413-545-6092

Ezra Wood

Ezra Wood*
Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Lecturer in Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry

12A Goessmann, 413-545-4003