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Unless otherwise stated (*), seminars are at 11:15 AM in Lederle GRT Room 1634.
Contact the host indicated for further information.

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Spring 2014
January 23
Professor Geoffrey F. Strouse
Florida State University
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Nanometals in Biophysics and Biomedical Science"
Hosted by: Kevin Kittilstved
Professor Strouse's Website
January 30 Professor Steven L. Regen
Lehigh University
Department of Chemistry
"A Push-Pull Mechanism for Lipid Raft Formation"
Hosted by: Matt Holden
Professor Regen's Website
February 6 Professor Mikhail Zamkov
Bowling Green State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Engineering of Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal Solids for Renewable Energy Applications"
Hosted by: Kevin Kittilstved
Professor Zamkovr's Website
February 13
Professor Champak Chatterjee
University of Washington
Department of Chemistry
"Chemical Approaches to Study Ubiquitin-like Proteins in Bacteria and Humans"
Hosted by: Jim Chambers
Professor Chatterjee's Website
February 20
Professor Mark E. Tuckerman
New York University
Department of Chemistry
"Protons, Bucket Brigades, and What They Have in Common: Insights from Computer Simulations"
Hosted by: Scott Auerbach
Professor Tuckerman's Website
February 27

Professor Tobin J. Marks

Northwestern University
Department of Chemistry
"Thermodynamic Strategies for Designing New Catalytic Processes"
Professor Marks' Website
March 27
Professor Bogdan Z. Olenyuk
University of Southern California
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
"Overcoming in Vivo Barriers Limiting the Efficacy of Designed Inhibitors Targeting Oncogenic Signaling"
Hosted by: Igor Kaltashov
Professor Olenyuk's Website
April 3
Professor Dennis A. Dougherty
California Inst. of Technology
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Hosted by: Mount Holyoke College
Professor Dougherty's Website
April 10
Professor Karen Fleming
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Biophysics
"The Versatile beta-Barrel Gives up a Novel Hydrophobicity Scale and Other Secrets of the Membrane"
Hosted by: Min Chen
Professor Fleming's Website
April 17
Professor Ming An
Department of Chemistry
"Towards Drug Delivery via pHLIP insertion in the Plasmamembrane of Cancer Cells at Tumor pHe"
Hosted by: Jim Chambers
Professor An's Website
April 24 Professor Jonathan R. Lai
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Department of Biochemistry
"Filovirus Envelope Glycoproteins: Structure, Function, and Inhibition by Peptides and Antibodies"
Hosted by: Nate Schnarr
Professor Lai's Website
May 1 Professor Steven M. Cramer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
"Molecular Design of Multiple Weak interactions for Selective Multimodal Protein Separations"
Hosted by: Paul Dubin
Professor Cramer's Website
May 8
Professor Catherine L. Drennan
Department of Chemistry
"Shake, Rattle, & Roll: Capturing Snapshots of Metalloproteins in Action"
Hosted by: Cornelius Taabazuing

Professor Drennan's Website