Chen Lab

Special Programs

More information about these programs may be obtained from the Undergraduate Program Manager.

The Physical Sciences Talent Advancement Program (PSITAP)

PSCITAP provides an opportunity for a select group of intelligent, motivated freshmen in chemistry, physics, and astronomy to live and study together (24 maximum). Students in the program live on the same floor of George Washington Residence Hall in the Southwest Residential Area, along with three student mentors. The student mentors are upperclassmen and women in chemistry, physics, or astronomy who answer questions on coursework, run review sessions, and help ease the transition into college. Students in the program are enrolled in small sections of the standard, required classes: Physics 171 (for physics and astronomy majors) or Chem 121H (for chemistry majors), as well as small sections of College Writing (EnglWP 112) and Calculus I (Math 131). Students also take a one-credit faculty seminar in which they visit laboratories on campus, UMass facilities such as the Five College Radio Astronomy Telescope, and local technology-intensive companies that have a strong connection to the represented majors.

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