iCons Students

Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons)

iCons students

For Chemistry students driven to make meaningful contributions that help address real-world problem, the Integrated Concentration in Science program opens the door to a future in science leadership. 

Forged under the direction of Chemistry Professor Scott Auerbach, whose research focuses on renewable energy, the iCons Program offers a one-of-a-kind training ground for Chemistry students who are interested in applying disciplinary knowledge as part of interdisciplinary teams to work on problems of global significance. iCons is a four-year program that offers in-depth academic concentrations in Biomedicine/Biosystems and Renewable Energy. 

With strong faculty representation from the Chemistry department, iCons provides valuable role models for students who see themselves as more than just chemists, but as problem solvers. 

iCons 1 Professor Justin Fermann has been involved in the program from its launch, joining Professors Sue Leschine (Veterinary and Animal Sciences) and Steve Petsch (Geosciences) to teach the first iCons course, "Global Challenges, Scientific Solutions", in 2011. Professor Auerbach and Professor Dhandapani (“DV”) Venkataraman joined forces to develop the second year iCons course, focusing on science communication, which Prof. Auerbach continues to teach. In iCons 3, Professor Ruthanne Paradise works with Professor Mark Tuominen (Physics) to expose students to cutting-edge technology that equips them to tackle questions they will encounter in research or industry.

Visit the iCons website to learn more: http://www.cns.umass.edu/icons-program/