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First, and most important - WELCOME! To those previously enrolled as chemistry majors, we wish you continuing success in your chosen area. Changes are coming due to ISB-inspired curriculum enhancements, and the incorporation of our department into the new College of Natural Sciences. The Chemistry undergraduate program has a wonderful new home in the ISB. New opportunities will arise by our being part of a college that includes so much new life sciences work, in addition to our department's existing strength in this area. We look forward to helping you to take advantage of new opportunities. Feel free to confer with us regarding anything we might be able to do to assist you. To those just joining our program, either as incoming freshmen or as transfers from another school or another discipline, we wish you every success as you join our family.

Major in Chemistry

One-page guide for majors - PDF

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts

Minor in Chemistry

The chemistry minor requires a minimum of 15 credits of passed chemistry (CHEM) courses numbered 200 or higher (only acceptable equivalents are Biochem 471 = Chem 471, and ChemEng 475 = Chem 475).

The following DO NOT count towards a minor: 291A Sophomore Seminar, 388 Independent Research Project, 330 Junior Year Writing in Chemistry (previously 391A), 296, 396, or 496 Independent Research Study, or 499 Honors Thesis.

Students petitioning for certification of completion of the minor requirements should present an unofficial transcript and completed Minor Declaration form to Brigette McKenna. This must be done during the semester in which the student expects to graduate. The appropriate form is available in the Chemistry Undergraduate Office, 341 Integrated Sciences Building or online at (https://www.umass.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/DeclarationofAcademicMinor.pdf)


Honors-Commonwealth College

The Chemistry Department offers several honors course options that fulfill requirements for Commonwealth College as well as Departmental Honors in Chemistry.

One credit honors colloquia attached to specific lecture courses are frequently offered. Interested students should check with the Chemistry Undergraduate Program Office in advance to find out what colloquia (and their associated lecture courses) are being offered for an upcoming semester.

The Department offers two (2) honors independent study (HIS) contract courses: CHEM 396H, Independent Study and CHEM496H, Independent Research. Both courses are open to Commonwealth College students only, range from 1 to 6 credits, and require Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) certification. Students must initiate these contract course options in the Chemistry Department. Students should see the Chemistry Department Honors Coordinator Prof. Justin Fermann, ISB 341B, 5-2054, fermann@chem.umass.edu further information, advice and signature before registering. You should register for these courses through the Commonwealth College in Goodell Hall.

Departmental Honors in Chemistry requires four (4) honors courses, one at the 200-level or above and three at the 300-level or above. These include CHEM499Y and CHEM499T (or CHEM499P), the senior capstone experience, along with two other honors courses. All four of these courses count toward the Commonwealth College eight (8) course requirement.

Students are strongly advised to visit the Commonwealth College web site at www.comcol.umass.edu for additional information, extensive documentation for the above information and more, and appropriate forms.


Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement score of 4 or 5:
Students planning to major in Chemistry should take the two-term general chemistry sequence:
CHEM 121H/122H and should NOT accept AP credit for CHEM 111. Please contact the Undergraduate Program Director with questions.

Questions should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Manager, 341G Integrated Sciences Building (ISB).