Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

2011 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

Richard K. and Meryl M. Brown Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry

  • Jon Amoroso (Schnarr group), "Novel Strategies for Selective Modification of Polyketide Synthases and Polyketides"

Dr. Paul Hatheway Terry Graduate Scholarship Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (Venkataraman group), "Next Generation Electron Conducting Materials for Organic Photovoltaics"

Marvin D. Rausch Scholarship Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Ebru Kizilay (Dubin group), "Complexation and Coacervation in Mixtures of Micelles and Polyelectrolytes: Electrostatic Self-assembly of Soft Colloids"

Marvin D. Rausch Scholarship Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Guanbo Wang (Kaltashov group), "Understanding Mechanisms of Protein Aggregation Using New Analytical Tools"

Poster Presentations

William E. McEwen Fellowship Award for Outstanding Posters

  • Chandamouleeswaran Subramani (Rotello group), "Fabrication of Biocompatible Nanostructures for Cellular Patterning"
  • Sravan K. Surampudi (Venkataraman group), "Controlled Apical Functionalization of Bridged Triarylamines"
  • Samantha B. Nicholls (Hardy group), "Mechanism of a Genetically-Encoded Dark to Bright Reporter for Caspase Activity"
  • Gitanjeli Prasad (Schnarr group), "Investigation of Polyketide Synthases by Heterocycles"
  • Andrea Della Pelle (Thayumanavan group), "Cyclopentadithiophene-Based Organic Semiconductors: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into the Effect of Fluorinated Subsitutents on Electrochemical and Charge Transport Properties"
  • John Hangasky (Knapp group), "Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies on the Human Oxygen Sensor, Factor Inhibiting HIF"
  • Kristen Huber (Hardy group), "Caspase-9 is Regulated by Zinc Mediated Inhibition and CARD Domain Interactions"
  • Bo Yan (Vachet/Rotello groups), "Structural Characterization and Quantitative Detection of Nanoparticles Using Mass Spectrometry (MS)"
  • Krishnendu Saha (Rotello group), "Differentiation of Cell Surface Glycosylation and Cell States Using a FRET Based Biosensor Array"
  • Nick Borotto (Vachet group), "Scrambling of Covalently Labeled Amino Acids During CID"