Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

2010 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

Richard K. and Meryl M. Brown Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry

  • Witold Witkowski (Hardy group), "Studying the Loops of Caspase-7"

Momentive Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Nagamani Chikkannagari (Thayumanavan group), "Ion Transporting Polymer Electrolytes for Applications in Fuel Cells and Batteries"

P&G Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Zhengjiang Zhu (Vachet/Rotello groups), "Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Monolayer-protected Nanoparticles"

Rohm & Haas/Dow Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Chaekyu Kim (Rotello group), "Engineering Surface Functionality of Gold Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Systems"

Poster Presentations

William E. McEwen Fellowship Award for Outstanding Posters

  • Tajaswini Kale (Thayumanavan group), "Synthesis and Characterization of Dendron-rod-coil Based Molecules for Applications in Organic Photovaltaics"
  • Sravanti Vaidya (Hardy group), "Structural and Biochemical Studies on the Role of Prodomain and Linker in the Activation of Caspase-6)
  • Chandramouleeswaran Subramani (Rotello group), "A Multimodal Nanoimprinted Polyethyleneimine Template for Nanoparticle Assembly and Immobilization"
  • Subinoy Rana (Rotello group), "Cell-Surface and Lysate Based Indentification of Cell Types and Cancer Stated Using Fold Nanoparticles-GFP Supramolecular Complexes"
  • Bo Yan (Rotello/Vachet groups), "Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Detection and Characterization of Core-Shell Nanoparticles"