Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

2009 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

Richard K. and Meryl M. Brown Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry

  • Kevin Early (Barnes group), "Polarization Spectroscopy of Single Quantum Dot Emitters"

P&G Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Malar Azhagan Azagarsamy (Thayumanavan group), "Enzyme Triggered Disassembly of Dendrimer based Amphiphilic Nanoassemblies"

Rohm & Haas/Dow Award for Outstanding Presentation

  • Andrea Gomez (Vachet group), "Using Amphiphilic Polymers to Selectively Extract and Concentrate Peptides for Analysis by Mass Spectrometry"

Wiliam E. McEwen Fellowship Award

  • Oscar Miranda (Rotello group), "'Chemical Nose' Sensors: Identification and Detection of Proteins, Bacteria and Cancerous Cells"

Poster Presentations

William E. McEwen Fellowship Award for Outstanding Posters

  • Dipankar Basak (DV group), "Impact of Molecular Motions on Proton Transfer"
  • Ankit Vahia (Martin group), "Evidence Against Scrunching as a Mechanism for Abortive Cycling in RNA Polymerase"
  • Myoung-Hwan Park (Rotello group), "Chemically Directed Immobilization of Nanoparticles of Silica/Gold Substrates via Dithiocarbamate Bond Formation"

Peter C. Uden Award for Outstanding Poster sponsored by P&G

  • Dipankar Basak (DV group), "Impact of Molecular Motions on Proton Transfer"