Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

2007 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

Procter & Gamble Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student

  • Mrinmoy De (Rotello group), "Engineering the Protein-Nanoparticle Interface"

Rohm & Haas Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student

  • Elamprakash Savariar (Thayumanavan group), "Self-Assebled Polymer Nanostructures: Design, Synthesis and Applications"

Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student

  • Travis Benanti (DV group), "Fluorocarbons in the Design and Synthesis of Conjugated Materials"

William E. McEwen Fellowship

  • Meaghan Germain (Knapp group), "Fluorescence Quenching Mechanism of Zn(salophen) by Nitroalkanes and Nitroaromatics"

Poster Presentations

Peter C. Uden Outstanding Poster Award Sponsored by Proctor & Gamble

  • Michael Odoi (Barnes group), "A Photon-by-Photon Study of the Fluoroescence Dynamics of single Quantum Dot-Conjugated Organic Composite Nanostructures (CdSe-OPV)"

C. Peter Lillya Outstanding Poster Award Sponsored by Rohm & Haas

  • Shiv Redhu (Martin group), "Mismatches at the Edge of the Transcription Bubble Rescue Abortive Cycling in T7 RNA Polymerase"

George R. Richason Outstanding Poster Award Sponsored by Rohm & Haas

  • Vanessa Mendoza (Vachet group), "Probing Surface Topology of Proteins Using Selective Covalent Modification Combined with Mass Spectrometry"

Marvin Rausch Outstanding Poster Award Sponsored by Fisher Scientific

  • Sravanti Vaidya (Hardy group), "Elucidation of Mechanism of Activation and Development of Allosteric Trigger in Caspase-6"

Honorable Mention

  • Kristen Huber (Hardy group), "Caspase-9 Inhibition and Activation by Dimerization Control"