Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

2000 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

  • Alexandro Cuello (Rotello group), "Interplay of Recognition and Recognition and Redox Processes: Electrochemical Control of Hydrogen Bonding"
  • Robert P. Grosso, Jr. (Vining group), Demonstrated software modules that he designed to teach students about crystalline solids and the use of the Madelung constant.
  • Iaroslav Kuzmine (Martin group), "Transcription Start Site Selection in the T7 RNA Polymerase System"
  • Christopher Palmer (Tyson group), Introduced the flow-injection based procedure that they have develop for the determination of inorganic mercury and methyl mercury in tap water, river water and urine matrices.
  • Mike Pitcher (Bianconi group), Discussed how, by mimicking biological methods of synthesis, novel oriented crystalline phases of PbS and PbS2 can be grown in a polymer matrix.

Poster Presentations

Paul Drummond Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Mike Ingall (Bianconi group), "Surface Functionalization via Surface Anchored Inhibitors"
  • Greg Gallagher (Thompson group), "Solid State NMR Depth Measurements on Gramicidin A in DMPC Biolayers"

Louis Quin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Hakan Gurleyuk (Tyson/Uden groups), "Speciation and Multielemental Studies on Soils Using Various Combinations of Slurry Sampling, Flow Injection, Microwave Assisted Chemistry, Hydride Generation, and Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry"

Ronald D. Archer Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Faysal Ilhan (Rotello group), "Control of Polymer Structure and Function Through Intra- and Intermolecular Self-assembly"

William McEwen Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Chris Palmer (Tyson group), "Flow Injection Speciation of Inorganic and Methyl Mercury Based on Reaction with Borohydride and Amalgam Trapping"

George R. Richason Jr Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

  • Melissa Kosinski (Gierasch group), "Determining the Imprtance of Conserved Interactions Between Hydrophobic Residues in the Folding of CRABPI"