Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

1998 Award Winners

Oral Presentations

  • Eugenio Jaramillo (Auerbach group), "New Force Field for Cations in Dry Zeolites"
  • Zikri Arslan (Tyson group), "Determination of Trace Elements in Seawater by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with On-Line Matrix Elimination and Preconcentration with Chromosorb 102 Resin"
  • Karen Hatwell (Archer group), "Chelation and Stereochemistry Effects on the Reaction Kinetics of Europoium(III) Shiff-Base Complexes"
  • John Husband (Metz group), "Photofragmentation Studies of FEO+"
  • Angelika Niemz (Rotello group), "Electrochemical Control of Recognition Processes"

Poster Presentations

Paul Drummond Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Trent Galow (Rotello group), "The Interplay of Redox and Recognition: Metallocene-Functionalized Receptors"

Louis Quin Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Faysal Ilhan (Rotello group), "Plug and Play Polymers"

William McEwen Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

  • Kenneth Rotondi (Gierasch group), "Early Folding Events in ß-structure: A Tale of Peptides and Proteins"

George R. Richason Jr Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

  • Deb Casher (Vining group), "Educational Software for Organic Chemistry Students"