Researchfest 2014

Senior Awards Dinner Researchfest

1997 Award Winners

Alumni Oral Presentations

  • Dr. James H. Prescott ('92, Rowell), "A Practical Story of Drug Development from Colloidal Contrast Agents to Receptor Mediated Drug Delivery"
  • Dr. Raymond S. Farinato ('76, Rowell), "Polymeric Flocculants: Solution and Adsorbed State Structures"

Oral Presentations

  • Yael Balazs (Thompson group), "Solid State NMR Distance Measurements Testing Ligand-Induced Conformational Change Models of Transmembrane Signalling in Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptors"
  • Gerard Davidson (Maroney group), "Protonation and Alkylation of Nithiolate Complexes: Models for the Active Site of Ni-Fe Hydrogenases"

Poster Presentations

  • Lisa Lavoie (Uden group), "Determination of Organic Acids in Drinking Water by Gas Chromatography with Element Specific Detection"
  • Michael Pitcher (Bianconi group), "Controlled Crystallization of an Inorganic Phase within a Polymer Matrix"
  • Kenneth Rotondi (Gierasch group), "Using Peptides to Study the Folding of a Predominantly ß-Sheet Protein"