ChemPrep for General Chemistry:

ChemPrep is a self-paced, online short course intended to help students succeed in Chemistry 110, 111, or 121H.  It is designed to be taken prior to the beginning of the semester and is appropriate for both under-prepared students and for students who would like a review of basic skills and concepts*. Participation in ChemPrep is voluntary and it is free of charge. No credit is given, no formal grades are assigned, and there are no penalties for incomplete work.

ChemPrep is delivered over the internet using OWL (Online Web-based Learning), the electronic learning system that is used for homework in general chemistry at UMass. The content is intended to  stand alone; no textbook is required or recommended. In the past, students who completed ChemPrep averaged almost a full letter grade higher in their subsequent general chemistry courses than those who did not.

It will take approximately 20 hours to complete ChemPrep, which can be done any time of the day or night using a web browser. Although students work independently, they are encouraged to interact with the course instructors via the OWL message system.

ChemPrep Topics
1.  Introduction to the OWL System
2.  The Structure of Matter
3.  Naming Chemical Compounds
4.  Measurement and Calculations
5.  Calculations involving quantities of matter
6.  Chemical Reactions
7.  Algebra, Temperature, Density, Graphs and Logs
*Students with a strong high school background should be able to move through the material quickly, focusing on areas of weakness.  Students who did not have a comprehensive chemistry course in high school, who struggled through chemistry, or who scored below 20 on the math placement exam, may be at risk of failing general chemistry.  Time spent on ChemPrep will help to lay a stronger foundation for success.

Professors Beatrice Botch and Roberta Day
University of Massachusetts OWL Chemistry Developers