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Julian Tyson and Chemists Without Borders team up to produce new low-cost kit to test arsenic levels in Bangladesh's rice crops. UMass News

Michelle Farkas, Jeanne Hardy and Vince Rotello have each received a 2016 Inaugural IALS Seed Grant. IALS

Vincent Rotello gave a talk at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, about the "chemical nose" he has helped develop that can smell changes in cancer cells. Rotello and his team use a sensor array of gold nanoparticles and protein to detect changes in cells. The Australian

Justin Fermann named iCons Program Director. UMass News

Scott Auerbach a team members from the 2015 NAFKI conference were awarded a grant to improve health and education with music. UMass News

Dhandapani Venkataraman (DV), one of Amherst Regional Middle School's Science Club faculty advisors, helps students discover the best preparation process for keeping cafeteria apples fresh and bacteria free. Gazette

Scott Auerbach and Just Fermann Present iCons Pedagogy at Workshop in Globalizing Liberal Arts. UMass News

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