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Chemistry alum, William A. Lee ’77, received the 2016 University Distinguished Alumni Award.

Julian Tyson and Chemists Without Borders team up to produce new low-cost kit to test arsenic levels in Bangladesh's rice crops. UMass News

Michelle Farkas, Jeanne Hardy and Vince Rotello have each received a 2016 Inaugural IALS Seed Grant. IALS

Vincent Rotello gave a talk at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, about the "chemical nose" he has helped develop that can smell changes in cancer cells. Rotello and his team use a sensor array of gold nanoparticles and protein to detect changes in cells. The Australian

Justin Fermann named iCons Program Director. UMass News

Scott Auerbach a team members from the 2015 NAFKI conference were awarded a grant to improve health and education with music. UMass News

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