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Scott Auerbach will be giving the keynote address at the 2017 Mass. PKAL Winter Meeting on Jan. 11 at Worcester State. More...

Bret Jackson and his group made the cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters with their publication on the effects of lattice motion on dissociative chemisorption

The Institute for Applied Life Sciences was officially launched on Friday, October 21. UMass News

Lila Gierasch was formally inducted into the American Academy of Arts and
Sciences on October 8.

Chemistry hosted "Science for Everyone" for alums and their children at
Homecoming. UMassYouTube

Scott Auerbach was featured on the The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center website for his research optimizing fuel production using plant biomass instead of from petroleum

Joelle Labastide, (PhD Chem '15, Barnes group; current postdoc in physics), has been awarded a $138,000 NSF fellowship to examine the dynamics of "cargo transport,"
the act of carrying organelles, proteins and other material around inside the cell. UMass News

Trisha Andrew is collaborating with a fabric designer to weave solar panels into fabric.

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